WhatsApp Supports Providing Indian Government Digital Identity Documents In-App

As you know WhatsApp is the most popular and used messaging app in India and also the world. There are more than 478 million users only in India.

This will be pushed to make Whatsapp an essential utility in India as WeChat in China.

As of May 23rd, in a move that’s sure to make many Indian citizens happy, India’s Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology has announced that Indian citizens will now be able to access various official documents via WhatsApp.

What does this means ?

This means if you are an Indian you can just simply accesss  your digita certificate through whtasapp from a single text message.

What are the benifits?

This service single-handedly simplifies carrying certificates or documents where ever you go.

This will mainly benefits on older generations in Indian as they relay mostly on documents.

This will be the first time in the world that a messaging app is officially recognized for government-related works.

Hence in the early days, there are a few issues with the service, but as we all know they will get better.

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