WhatsApp Doubles File Size Limit & All You Need To Know

WhatsApp a popular online chat services recently rolled out several new updates. WhatsApp may be primarily a text messaging app, but it has evolved into something much more than that.

The latest update includes a new emoji reaction feature for users who want to convey their feelings when responding to messages. We can’t wait for our favorite social media platforms to start using this!

The new file transfer limit is up to 2 GB for individual chats, and up to 512 people can be added to a group chat.

You might be thinking: “What does this mean for me?” 

Well, it means that if your boss is being a jerk and you need something saved for posterity, you can send it straight to the WhatsApp folder on your phone and then share it with everyone else in your office. 

Just make sure that everyone in your office is using the latest version of WhatsApp, because this feature isn’t available on older versions of the app yet.

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