What is Digital Branding?

Simply it’s looks like Branding in digital ways. In the era of online communications, it is just a simple matter that you need to communicate your brand through the internet or we called that as online. There is a common misconception of the terms Digital Branding and Digital Marketing. Let’s take a deep look at the Digital Branding.

Looking in to more Digital Branding is how you present your brand online using digital mediums like websites, apps, social media, video or more.

Digital Marketing vs Digital Branding

The main difference is marketing mainly targeted on the sales of a product or the service you provide. So it is a onetime strategy which use to gain more sales and customers. Otherwise Branding is the feeling that you stick on your customers mind. So, we could say that Branding is building a lifetime connection to your company while marketing is serving as a onetime option.

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Does Digital Branding matters?

From early in morning to the night just count how many of digital devices you are using. Most of that time we Engauge with the internet and branding will convert one-time users into long-term customers.

Also like in old ages, now we don’t use the direct marketing techniques. Even a picture of your pet also on the internet and why shouldn’t your brand then?

5 Most Essential Digital Brand Items

As you define your logo like modern or minimalists, Retro or vintage, Fun or quirky, cartoon or mascot, word mark or icon base, or just an image base.

(Read here to learn more – 5 Main Types of Logo)

Whatever you selected the main point to consider here is the logo compatibility  in different sizes.

You will be needing to design brand materials such as letterhead, business card and even simple things such as favicon on the web site and email template for your brand.


A well-designed website is like a reception at your hotel. Whenever customer come, they check the outer view and decide the rest. So as the new customer generation. Whenever they want to check the details, they don’t go through the telephone directories and call you. They just google it and see what you have to offer.


Web site give you a free space to display your identity as you. Even you can sell your products , give some offers.So, make sure your website works. Check every link, every button, every image… Errors look amateur.

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3.Social Media

It is very interesting fact that nearly 80% of each country uses social media. That means lots of your clients widely spreads on social medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram.

Most importantly each social media is specific to a special medium such as Instagram for photos, Twitter for short messages and Facebook contains all the options like reacting to your posts. So, it is very important to choose your best  social media and perform in that. There is no need to be in all the Social media just to gossip about others.

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4.Email Marketing

With all the new tools to message directly we have an idea that emailing is just outdated. But as the researches reveals the email marketing is the proven highest possible engagement on you sales. Because the people don’t use social media uses emails heavily. This method is a good direct marketing methods .Introducing a email subscriptions can be very useful to create engagement  genuine customers.


5.Promotional Campaigns (influencer Marketing)

This is also regarding the social medias but the difference is using other social media influencer to our benefits. Rather than marketing and promoting directly we can brand through popular influencers. According to one study, more than 80 percent of global marketers launched influencer campaigns in 2015.

The process is fairly straightforward: Pair up with an influencer and pay them a set fee or commission to talk about your brand to their followers. Having built their follower bases and trustworthiness over time, most influencers are trusted by their networks and can infuse a brand with relatability. It’s not rocket science.

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Take away-

Digital branding is not selling your product, it is to give a customer that feeling of your brand .Digital branding will give a customer base that  buys from you and most importantly believe and trust  your brand.

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