Top 20 Passive Income Ideas for 2022

As it is the end of 2021 , just thought about doing a passive income method research while most of us thinking about chilling at the end of the year.

Hope this will help you in some way to make some extra money to help your desires and lifestyle. Try at least one of these for 2022 and see what you got at the end of the year.

1.Digital Assests

  • Create Nano-Niche Websites

  • Publish an an digital magazine with your product

  • Create high productivity and utility apps

  • Manage online ad spaces and digital marketing projects.

2.Physical Assests

  • Get real state

  • Buy and lend machines to small fiems

  • Sell ads space on your properties

  • Get vending machines in malls

3.Creative Assests

  • Sell Video courses

  • Write blogs to share knowledge

  • Sell design templates

  • Get vending machines in malls

  • Publish your writings

4.Educational Assests

  • Start  online tution classes

  • Give e-solutions to local vendors

  • Publish your knowledge as a course 

** Time Wasters

  • Installing Money making app

  • Wasting hours on surveys

  • Betting Websites and Binary Options

  • Get rich quick schemes

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