The Beginning of a New End!

9th July is believed as a historical day in Sri Lanka. A mass group gathered at the official president’s residence near Colombo fort and protested against the president and the ruling party in Sri Lanka.

They have decided that Gotabhya Rajapaksha should immediately resign to solve the prevailing economic crisis in the country.

As the Sri Lankans stormed to the places which were most prominent to the governing of Sri Lanka, which are

  1. The President’s Residence in Colombo Fort, 

  2. The Secretary’s office in Galleface 

  3. Priministers Residence, 

  4. Prime minister’s office.

As the incident happened on the 9th of July people invaded three main government buildings and they took it into their hands. From 10th July onward they have opened these buildings to the public and maintained peaceful conditions.

Most of them were celebrating a tremendous win against the ruling Rajapaksha Party. They gathered and traveled as a group mostly with families and friends and visiting from all around Sri Lanka.


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