Psychology of shapes

Certain shapes makes us feel a certain way. This is universal fact even in design field. This can be used in useful ways and this psychology has been always used in some designs even in the past. Let us look in to deep down  in to the physoogy behind the basic shapes we see in our day to day life.

1.Squares and rectangles

As we all know , squares and rectangles consist with straight lines and also the perfect clean angles. Naturally these shapes tend to represent the rigidness , straightness and the balances.

More of the human feeling they will represent the  honestly solidity and stability.

2.Circles and Ovals

Rounded shapes tend to represent a positive emotional message of harmony and protection.

The circles are often used in logos to represent the unity, commitment , love or community


Traingle shapes used to represent the powerfulness , energetic and the dynamic feeling.

Usually we see this mostly in sports and games.


From a small shell to a big galaxy . spirals represent the growth and evolution.

Basically we feel something like fundamentally as life and death, or more natural feeling when this shape is used.

5.Abstract Shapes

These shapes consist with different forms or the different different shapes.

These represent  concepts , ideas and feels more inhuman nature.

6.Natural Shapes

As the word it self say , these forms from the natural things.

So they feel natural , comforting and refreshing.

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