LinkedIn Getting Closer to Introduce “Funny” Reaction

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform which is quite oriented for professionals. In this platform the “Funny” reaction option is about to release. App researcher Nima Owji claims that this update will be released very soon hence the testing is nearly finish.

So get ready to express your feelings in different manner LinkedIn

Way back in 2019 LinkedIn has been introduced the reaction option to the post in order to create more engagements in the platform.

In 2022 , the company is about to release the new reaction “Funny” to this reaction bar.

linked in new funny reaction
Update Yet to Release With Funny Reaction Options in LinkedIn

At first there was controversial about the new reaction as it is not suitable to a social media such as LinkedIn. Personally we also know that LinkedIn should not be followed by the trends in other social medias such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

But surprisingly as the LinkedIn Feed Back Report says adding a funny reaction was a top request made by the community.

There is still no official message from Linkedin as to when this feature will actually be released, and it has not yet been added to their Reaction Help page

What do you think about the funny reaction is it suitable or not ?

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