How To Select The Perfect Brand Name?

So now this is the time that you are researching on the internet about creating great brand names. Sometimes now you have selected a name and you are just checking for the perfect brand name.

First of all, I would like to tell you some interesting stuff about the Perfect brand names.

Did you know that,

  1. Famous Automobile Brand Mercedes-Benz entered the Chinese market under the brand name “Bensi,” which means “rush to die.”
  2. Coca-Cola‘s brand , when first marketed in China, was sometimes translated as “Bite the Wax Tadpole.”
  3. When the Mitsubishi Pajero was introduced to the Spanish market, the company had no clue that “Pajero” means “jerk” in Spanish – until it was too late.
  4. When Chevrolet released their model Nova, they hadn’t considered that the word translates as “no go” in Spanish.

There is no such a thing called a “Perfect Brand Name”

Oh, that is easy. Now We can sleep well. Isn’t it? You might be thing that this guy is nut or you also ready to close thing window right now. But just think a moment. If that huge brand failed there’re names, they should try to change it now like 1000 times. But they did not do that. What they did was changing the product name.

  • That is when the Mitsubishi Pajero was introduced to the Spanish market, the company had no clue that “Pajero” means “jerk” in Spanish – until it was too late. They have since changed the name to Montero.

Even this is only one proof there are some basic things that you need to consider when you putting a brand on the go. Let’s consider them.

1.Check whether the brand name is available

You have to check on the internet is there any other brand name is available, or you can use company registry of your country. Because it will be illegal to create a prevailing brand name. There will be mostly legal cases.

2.Avoid Using common English terms In Your Brand Name

Google dose,t use the name as search engine.

MIcrosoft and apple do not use electronic or software as  name.

3.Do not use unrelated words. Be professional

Brand names like Pee cola, Golden Gaytime,Bitch Spray will be unsuccessful obviously. It may be you are a funny person. But do not be an asshole.

Also Brands like Crystal Pepsi and Also yogurt shampoo.

4. Not been a name with special characters and numerals.

Brandname1/ Brand6name /Brandnameᣥ/BN😕

5.The way easy of spelling and writing.

6. The Brand Name Should Not Include Any Negative meaning

As global cultural changes, negative connotations can affect badly with the Brand name. This is the problem that happens with the Soda Company in the United Status. When they thought of transiting their brand 7up to China they faced a huge difficulty because in Shanghai 7up means “death through drinking.”

The Takeaway

 There is no any perfect brand name. You should only try to make an unique identity that represents you and create an brand building process and a brand strategy for the brand. But there is somethings to achieved basically.

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