How This Photographer Captured The Daily Struggle Through Aerial

The Carpoolers series is a collection of aerial photos taken by Mexican photographer Alejandro Cartagena, who lives and works in Monterrey, Mexico. The series captures the daily struggle of the commuters around the Mexican capital.

It seems to be the photos were taken from a high position probably from a overhead bridge and not a drone shot for sure.

Most of the people whom he took photos of seem to be tired and weary, probably after a long day of work, for the luxury of not commuting to work still seemed to be far from their reach. They were the commoners of the country of Mexico whose struggles Alejandro aims to underline.

The photos show that despite all odds, people are striving hard every day to achieve their dreams !

Below you can find some photos and add a comment on what you feel and think about these photo series.

Also, you can find the photographer on the web –

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