Does size matters?

It’s been quite a techy year I got lots of questions regarding the size of camera sensors both digital and mobile devices. More of them quite know the answer but they just need to confirm it.

Camera sensor sizes are more related to the photo-loved persons and this is actually not a complex thing. When it comes to image quality we have a clear winner in Camera sensor sizes.

Mobile Phone Camera Sensor Vs DSLR Camera Sensor

I have inserted the real picture of the camera sensors below to take a good understanding of the size of the camera sensors. Here you can get a quick idea about the camera sensor sizes in these devices. 


Bigger the better?

As in image quality hell yeah.Because we all have experienced the qualities of the photos when it comes to printing even viewing on the phone or digital device.Because the technologies which these sensors are using are very different.

What is the difference between a camera sensor and image quality?

Camera sensors are measured in megapixels (MP). The higher the number of MP, the more detailed your images are going to be. But there’s another important factor that has nothing to do with megapixels: resolution. Resolution is just another way of measuring the same thing as MP and it refers to how many pixels make up an image. The higher the resolution, the more detailed your images are going to be (though they will also take up more space on your computer or mobile device). So how can you tell which one matters more?


The answer is simple:

it depends on what you want to use your camera for! If you need to capture high-quality images for a professional application, then you’ll want a camera with a large sensor that can capture lots of data per pixel (like those found in DSLR cameras).

On the other hand, if you need something really portable that can take great pictures even in low light conditions without having to worry about making noise or other problems such as blurriness due to shaky hands or movement while taking photos, then smaller sensors are better.

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