Creating A Great Brand Name In 3 Easy Steps

Do you believe that there are over there are an estimated 300 million companies in the world today that’s 300 million brands some brands as big as Apple and coca-cola others are smaller than one person business with so many brands in the world it’s getting harder to create and find a unique name.

So how do you create a great brand name how can you play and win the name game ?

STEP 1 --
Select what type of Brand Name you want

In my research I have claimed 5 categories and pretty much every brand in the world falls within one of these seven categories.


Names like Disney and Burberry work by embodying the vision and beliefs of their founders these names are okay if you’re feeling lazy or just have a big ego adidas is more unique its derive from Adi Dassler the company’s founder and Tesla wasn’t created by Nikola Tesla he died in 1943 but the name is an homage to Tesla’s electrical engineering achievements


Descriptive names like American Airlinesand the home depot work by telling youexactly what the company does but thesenames can be a mouthful and are muchharder to own and protect acronyms likeGE and BP are just shorthand versions ofdescriptive names


Uber and slack a rip right out of a dictionary and suggest attributes or benefits uber literally means an outstanding example so it works well for a company with big broad bold ambitions.

Beyond ride-hailing now real words might seem like good ideas but in a world of 300 million companies it’s getting harder to find a name had it hard is hard to find any real words left in the

dictionary composite names like Facebook and ray-ban are created by gluing two words together these names have a kind of one-two punch and can be really memorable .

Because it’s so hard to find real words companies like Kleenex and Pinterest of invented names by changing adding or removing letters for impact now inventing names can be highly unique but if you’re not careful they can start to sound like pharmaceutical drugs or worse the name of a sofa from Ikea.


Names work by reflecting imagery meaning back to there back to the brand the Amazon in South America isthe world’s largest river.Therefore the earth’s biggest selectionof books clothes content and so onSirius is the brightest star thereforethe radio channels where you can hearthe brightest stars of music andentertainment and Red Bull Associates toa drink with bull light qualities suchas power and confidence.


Some brands arederived from non-english languages likeSamsung.

Which means three stars inKorean Lego means play well in DanishZappos comes from the Spanish wordsapatos for shoes and Hulu comes.I betyou didn’t know that Hulu actually comesfrom a Chinese proverb a Hulu is a ballused to store precious things

STEP 2 --
Decide what you want the Brand Name to say

Tempting to create names that talk aboutwho created them or what you do or whereyou operate but the best brand namesdon’t don’t describe they stand for .

Abig idea ones that translates intoemotional appeal Nikes about winningGoPros about heroism Apple is aboutsimplicity and usability and Googlecomes from the math term that’s a onewith a hundred zeros after it.

So that really big number helps supportthe company’s really big original visionto organize the world’s information soas you think about your new brand thinkcarefully and ask yourself what’s yourbig idea .?
choosing a great brand name

STEP 3 --
check the Brand Name isn't already taken

You might haveto create hundreds of names perhapsthousands before you find one .That’seven available and of course don’tforget to check the name means doesn’tmean anything negative in otherlanguages or countries the .Last thingyou want is an embarrassing naming fail like this brand of toilet paper from Sweden.
choosing a great brand name 2


  • Finally a few words about alphabet the parent company of Google are now one of the world’s most valuable companies much has been said and written about the business strategy but I’ll say a few words about the name is alphabet a great name you bet first of all the name is an idea as we all know an alphabet is a set of letters that forms the basis of all language and communication .

And More..

  • Second the name provides a playful link back to the companies underneath G for Google C for calico and finessed X and so on third the name encourages Wall Street investors buy this stock and you’re making an alpha bet one that will outperform others and last of all the name is a real dictionary word .
  • Which is a rare find these days now there was only one issue with alphabet car company BMW owned the URL but you know here’s the thing only the dot-com doesn’t matter as much these days now that we find stuff through Google search and we connect with brands through social media and smartphone apps so alphabet the company forgot about alphabet calm and instead found a shorter and more unique web address ABC dot XYZ.
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