Concept of Branding and Identity System

Maybe you are visiting on purpose, searching what is a brand or identity system, how to make a brand for my start up, how to make a logo for my news business, where to start as a startup company, else by mistake, searching any other thing or event, to hack the website also. (Because it looks nice😉)

Any way there is one thing I can assure you, that is even what condition in you, here you will get to know the basic concept of branding or identity design or any other related topics about identity systems.

Let’s hop on to the topic,Brands and identities...

After we born, we were given a name , would be Adams ,James, Kane ,Catharina or even Queen Elizabeth 11334 😁.In our childhood we here others saying Adams look like this James look like that , Catharina don’t like meat and all the conditioning and  then we go Infront of the mirror any say to us “ Hmm, They are correct ,I look likes  Shakira“  or else we think “ Nah , I am not like that .they are crazy ”.

As we grow we expose into society or a group and to get  the attention and to be acceptable we adjust our reality to that kind of the society. In the opposite case, when we think that we don’t fit in we change the environment around us and we find a suitable place. So, this is the way our life goes on.

Our brain plays a huge and very important part of this shaping the reality according to our environment.

Let’s observe in deep about this phenomenon. ✌

How we identify things

Human brain consists of complex procedures like identifying things, memorizing things and also thinking.

The famous  researcher Bruce Hood published  an research The self illusion: How the social brain creates identity

As summary, brain identify things, then attach the good, bad or neutral emotion and creates a neuro path to memorize it again to remember and process.

This is not only for seeing, this is related to the other 4 senses hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling also.

We address about the visual apparatus (eyes) or the process of seeing mainly because we designers focused more on the visuals.

This three-step process can also call as a habit. Because with or without your consciousness this system always runs as cycles.

This complex mechanism is used to preserve the brain cells to process new things and calculate the new possibilities. With this system we all have a stunning defendable system for survival.

The concept is bonded with the brain identity system and using the system brand creators build their brands. It is not a secret.

1. Identity-They create a unique visual identity system (Logo, Color pallet  typography and much more)

2 .Feeling-  Attaching a emotion with that identity using marketing tools.

3. Memory- setting up instructions to how we should think and act.

It my be seen like a simple process but no, branding is a creating a new habits for the people. For that you should also have the sound knowledge and plans.

If you can successfully include this concept to your identity, Congratulation! ✌ you are in the effective track to building a brand!

The Takeaway

Have you ever thought how many identities can you identify around you now? Seriously just look around you. A phone, a laptop, a bed, a chair, your pet. So many. How you feel these things and how you remember these things. The word population is nearly 7.7 billion now and we have 7.7 billion identity systems. Out of that number, how many you think is a brand?

What is your idea. Do you have any thoughts? Please do not hesitate to comment below.

 Next in “Building a Successful Brand”, we can discuss about Secrete of building a brand and what should we do?

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