Celebrating 50 Faces: Hashan Pamoda – A Journey of Breaking

As I stand at the crossroads of our journey, celebrating the capture of the 50th face in the 1000Faces project, it’s a moment of profound reflection. When this project began, I was merely a storyteller with a camera, but today, I’ve become a curator of countless emotions, experiences, and untold tales. These first 50 faces have illuminated the path for the journey ahead—a journey that promises to be long, profound, and filled with the rich tapestry of human emotions.

Breakdancing: An Olympic Art Form

But before I delve into the story of our 50th face, let me share a fascinating tidbit with you. Did you know that Breakdancing is now an Olympic sport? It’s a realm of artistry and athleticism that remains undiscovered by many. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Hashan Pamoda, a young break dancer who is pushing the boundaries of this incredible art form.

Hashan Pamoda's Journey:

Hashan’s story is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion with unwavering determination. At a remarkably young age, he has not only mastered the art of breakdancing but has also represented Sri Lanka on the global stage in world-class competitions. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to his craft are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Passing the Torch:
What’s even more exciting is Hashan’s commitment to sharing his knowledge. He has recently embarked on a journey of teaching, guiding the next generation of dancers to explore the world of breakdancing. His latest class has already begun, and it’s incredible to witness the knowledge transfer from a rising star to eager learners.

The Art of Breakdancing:
Before I crossed paths with Hashan, I knew little about Breakdancing. But through our conversations and interactions, he has enlightened me with fascinating facts about this art form. Breakdancing is not just about dance moves; it’s a profound expression of culture, rhythm, and self-expression. It’s about telling stories through the fluidity of motion, a language that transcends words.

So, as we celebrate Hashan Pamoda’s story and the 50th milestone, I invite you to dive into the world of Breakdancing and explore the captivating universe of emotions, rhythm, and movement that Hashan embodies. Stay tuned for more captivating stories, as the 1000Faces project journeys on.

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