5 Award-Winning Comedy Pet Photos That You Should Check Right Now

While scrolling in social media I might doubt that you have seen one of these photos any how and today we will have look about these photos and the story behind these photos.

These photos are the top 5 pet photos from the famous Comedy Pet Photography Award Contest.

This contest is about funny reactions in pets and animals. Anyone who likes to enter the competition you can submit your photos of there pets and win.

Competition was founded and created by Photographers Paul-Hicks and Tom Sullam.

Here you can Find All the information regarding the completion by there official,

Lets have a look at the top  5 finalist in the competion.

1. Smoking Alpaca by Stefan Bruises

comedy pet photos this year

2. Nilo’s Love for water by Jose Bayon

comedy pet photos this year 2

3. I’m not full yet! by Karl Goldhamer

comedy pet photos this year 3

4. Boom Boom by Kenichi Morinaga

comedy pet photos this year 4

5. Chauffeur Dog by Mehmet Aslan

comedy pet photos this year 5

So what was your favorite and why is that ? Comment below.

    • Glen
    • This was actually funny ! Keep it up man!

    • James
    • Tried it .Thanks. But I disagree with the 1st place actually !

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