Are you a photographer ?

Out 100 questions that I have answered on my clients, 60% have this question “Are you a Photographer ?”. Most of the time I ask them back what do you think about me and surprisingly the answers were following,

  •  Most of the 60% do think that I am a photographer with a DSLR camera , clicking beautiful pictures of others, and Photoshoots 
  • Some others think I am a wedding photographer.
  • If I say no to both of above then , wild photography (taking pictures of animals) 

There were no any other answers and there is no any photography they could not think about.

Actually these stats mostly related to my native clients (Sri Lankan) because of the lack of knowledge about BRANDING .

But eventually , my answer for that question would be the following tweet,

Obviously next question would be “What is branding ? “.

For that I  I have a series of articles that explain every little detail in branding. 

You can read it slowly and take time to understand what you don’t know.

Also you can have look at my projects and have an idea about what kind of photographer I am.


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