A football player’s dream is to make people play

This story is about a man and his dream of making people go outside and play, Umar Munawarr is a huge fan of football, and a football player dreams about a nation that loves sports as much as food.

History in brief..

U-ten Sports complex, the indoor futsal-based stadium that started early in 2021 during the covid pandemic period is now in good shape to serve the sport-loved persons all around Srilanka. This complex is the only indoor stadium nearly around 10km radius of the area which is located in Kannathota, Ruwanwella, called a rural area and also not a huge sports interested area.

Although Umar aims to make things different and provide facilities for sports-loving persons, especially in football and cricket. 

This facility is armed with well-spaced parking, refreshment place, washrooms, and even sound setups. They also have every sport-related item and a sports shop near the complex.

He wishes to add more facilities in the complex not limited to indoor sports but also outdoor sports. The lack of facilities for the national players from rural areas like Ruwanwella is fulfilled by this kind of facilities.

Facebook - U Ten Sport Complex Location - https://goo.gl/maps/azgdHcnT44N2tt3YA Whatsapp/Hot Line - 070 750 1010
Umar Munawarr - Founder/Manager U TEN SPORTS COMPLEX

Is it worth..

The value of this complex is not only for the sports persons, also for the families and other people because this complex can be rented for those also. This means you can privately book a time for yourself or according to your need. They have special arrangements for school children and have strict rules inside for the young generation for their well beings.

Their Prices are tremendously fair and low for the bookings and other services. Below you have the contact details about the U Ten Sports Complex for further discussion.

U Ten Sport Complex Inside
U Ten Sport Complex Inside

Finally, Umar said that the only thing that makes a sportsman happy is a sport or sport-related thing as much as a singer like to sing or a dancer like to dance.

We invite you to get there and have some new experience of indoor playing conditions if you are a sportsperson or else also.

 If his dream comes true it will be a fascinating story in Sri Lanka for sure!

U Ten Sport Complex Outside
U Ten Sport Complex Outside

Contact Details..

Facebook – U Ten Sport Complex

Location – https://goo.gl/maps/azgdHcnT44N2tt3YA

Whatsapp/Hot Line – 070 750 1010

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