A Bridge That Can Hold 50 000 Running People | New York City Marathon Chopper Shots

The New York City Marathon is known to be the largest marathon held in the world. In 2022 nearly 50 000 participants were there.

Despite the NYC Marathon, a photo taken by the well reputed  photographer Joe McNally is trending in USA. 

New York City Marathon Map

Joe took a chopper and his Nikon System, Lenses and took this photo flying around the bridge and that why this photo became something quite new.

Most of us will be thinking  ,that is some stupid thing to do because you have Arial technology such as drones. 

This was the reason why people highly approved the dedication and hard work they put into single photo.

This was from a chopper and my ass was def in the breeze on this one. Long lens compression. Vertical hold , film shot, manual focus, out the door on a distinctly breezy day !

Said Joe in his Instagram Account .

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