4 Golden Rules To Build a Successful Brand Strategy

In previous article “Building a Brand “, we have discussed about knowing the brand building process as a brand owner. Here we are going to build a brand strategy and this time we move in to other side of our self. Your clients!

There is no such a thing called Target Audience.

The actual meaning of the target audience is a set of people that have the environment related to your field of the brand.

Most of the Brand Designers have this idea Infront of their mind. But we could look thing in a different view or a perspective.

  1.  The poorest people in the world have a dream to buy an iphone.
  2.  When we are thirsty or not thirsty, even we have lots of water to drink pure water, we buy a carbonate flavored water called coca -cola.
  3. Even non techies (People who don’t have sound knowledge about technology) mention “Google it” for searching in internet.

Then Why everyone tells to select a Target Audience?

  1. It is obvious that investing to sell iPhone in slums will not be profitable.
  2. Imagine you are a sportsman and what will make you to buy a PlayStation.

We can observe the exact reason. As you are in the 1st step. It easy to reach people and obviously the target audience is only a marketing strategy.

But in branding strategy we can invest more on advertisements showing what iPhone fells like in slums. We can mention the free ports game on PlayStation that will simulate the related sport.

*Target Audience is important reach people quickly but not effectively. Building a brand strategy is way more advance.

Marketing is just a part of that! 😊

Let’s jump in to the topic.

When I researched about successful brands and brand strategies from investors like Charlie Munger

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Damn Right- Behind the Scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger   

The common factor is not the marketing logo or any other stuff, they had a plan to create a habit of using their product consciously or un consciously. Once the investors on Coca cola states that,

“our brand must be a feeling ,not only a product”

So to create a habit for a clients we must follow the same steps that we discussed in previous article Building a Brand .Lets implement the same rules for the customers as

1.Know Exactly What You Deliver

  If you are providing a service, research about what you do and how you should complete the task in your way. This may lead to research everything about your field or your company. Mainly You should have the complete package that you deliver from the scratch.

By this method you client will know what will they get exactly.

2.Add Some Attractiveness

Creating logo and other illustration is the main factors, The strategy should be attractive. Can use marketing strategies here.

3.Make Things Easy To Reach

Introduce easy methods to reach to you. Use new technology. Do not let them to search you more than 1 time even in internet.

4.Keep It Satisfying

Provide reward for satisfaction. Let them stay on this loop. Like Facebook providing Dopamine for brain. 

The Takeaway

Try to develop a habit about your brand in you clients mind using the golden rules.

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