4 Golden Rules for Building a Brand as a Brand Owner

  • May be at the time you reading this article you have decided something about your brand (referring the startup idea of a product or service). Sometime you would have designed the brand name and the logo also.
  • Basically, you will have read a lot in internet and you have researched the target audience, competitors, Brand name, Logo, Slogan and much more according to the results and the reputation of the web site you read it.

Reasons to be on the top..

  • But you know that being high on SEO makes them in to the 1st page, not being the effective or the best in business. Simply paying more to reach more people like you and sending that article or the company is the secret here.
  • As in the previous article Concept of Branding and Identity, my aim is to address the human core nature and use those characteristics to get more effective whatever you do in your life. In here my focus is mainly on “Creating Identities and Building Brands”. More than 3 years I am using this strategy only for me and I became a full time professional Digital Brand Designer within 1 year from being a freelancer and I quit from job in my university. It is not about the amount I earn; it is the freedom that I have.


I would request you to keep a side of all of that for the next 3 minutes and I will assure you the knowledge gained with my experience over the years, that you can’t gain by reading 100 articles about branding.

A different perspective
(As the Brand owner)

So, you are going to provide a service or a good(product) for your customers. Without going to the typical thinking of doing a research and adjust our pure idea according to the our competitors, just think a way of competing with our own thought process and making our brand as a habit. That means you are the enemy of your own. Without referring to our competitor or the previous methods of branding we introduce our own process. That is your identity, Branding is the process.

There are 4 main steps to follow over and over again to make our brand as a habit.

1.Know Exactly What You Do

        If you are providing a service, research about what you do and how you should complete the task in your way. This may lead to research everything about your field or your company.

2.Add Some Attractiveness

 Put some icing on the cake to keep you motivated. Best way is to have the environment prepared according to the work we do.

3.Make Things Easy

 If you choose what you passionate about and skills that you have you know what my point is. Use technology and other tools effectively.

4.Keep It Satisfying

 This is where the money comes in to the drama. There should be reward for what have you done. I f you don’t have rewards other than money, try to add some like freedom.

We will discuss about these 4 main point in next episodes and I will prove you this is the way of every humongous brand owner followed these 4 main steps. It is not a secret successful is habit. That is the only secret. If you can make your habit according to your aim you are something more than a mediocre brand owner.  

Do not misunderstand. This is not the brand strategy. These 4 steps will make you a habit as a brand owner. A successful brand owner!

In next part “Building a Successful Brand Strategy” we will discuss about the brand strategy.

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