3 Key reasons for great brands having simple logos

Have you ever wondered about the fact that great brands like Apple, Windows, Nike, Gucci have very simple logos?

Don’t they have the budget to invest in pretty pictures?

Don’t they care about it?

Let’s talk deeply about this.

Why logos are important ?

The logo is the face of your brand, it will represent your identity. You can read a much detailed version article here 👇

 What is a logo? 


So why do great brands have the simplest logos?

obviously, there should be a reason. But first of all, we need to understand clearly what does it means when we say simplicity in logo design.

Look at the evolution of famous two brands as a examlple


1.Easy to remember/feel.

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2. Hard to replicate your brand for the competitors.

3. Easy usability across all platforms.

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