Your face tells your story !

The 1000FACES Project is a photography project with a simple goal: To capture 1000 faces that tell 1000 stories.

The idea behind this project is to capture different people from all walks of life and show how their unique stories are told through their faces.

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I am a Sri Lankan Based Photographer  who is also  serving as a Mathematics Teacher , loves to take portraits of people (also known as Headshots). 

Through out my career I have met people with stories which unbelievably  inspirational to everyone even they are broken or successful. So in 2023 I have decided to collect those stories and put them out in a place that everyone can read and go through their lives.

So, I have started the Project 1000FACES to collect 1000 unique faces/stories around me.

Your are warmly welcome to this project as you can also participate. It is service where I will visit you and take the photo which ever way convenient for you.

Just book a time slot below and schedule a  portrait session to shout out loudly your story to the world !

Feel free to contact me anytime for further clarifications !

Happy Faces

Honored to participate for this unique project. Able to inspire my students with my story. You should definitely try it !
By participating this project I was able to do a professional Headshot session also. Great experience !
Sandun Wijesinghe
Software Engineer
He is not just a photographer. I did not expected this kind of service from him !


Every person has a story , but some decide not to tell it . If you think you can make a difference with your story , script that first.


If you love the way I have put it through a photo, save the date and book a time for your portrait.


Publishing through a digital medium is the quickest way to reach anyone quickly. So lets put it up on the internet.

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I want to Contribute !


Can I donate money to support this project?

While this is a completely free project, any donations would be appreciated and will go towards purchasing equipment ,maintaining the website and specially for traveling expenses. However, please note that donations are completely optional and not required to participate in the project.

You can use Buy Me Coffee Icon to donate !

Is this a Free Service ?

Simply put, photography is my passion. And I believe that everyone deserves to have a professional photo that captures their unique potential, regardless of their budget. I’m not interested in creating social media content or gaining likes and follows – I’m passionate about creating beautiful portraits that help people succeed in their careers and achieve their dreams. Yes It will cost you something , but it is not a must. Drop me a text we can talk about that !

Are there any hidden charges for participating in the 1000 Faces project?

No, there are no hidden charges for our 1000 Faces project. The portrait session and digital copy of your photo are not completely free. Any additional services such as prints or photo albums are optional and not required for participation.

Can I print these photos ?

Yes, you are free to print your portrait or use it for personal or professional purposes. The digital copy we provide is yours to keep and use as you wish.

Is this a charity project?

While the project is not classified as a charity, it is done with the intention of giving back to the community by providing high-quality professional portraits to those who may not have access to such services.

How long will the photo shoot take?

Typically, the photo shoot takes no longer than an hour. I aim to make the process as convenient as possible for clients.

Drop me a text